In 2015, a French student in marketing and communication must come up with an innovative sales campaign during his graduation internship at a skaterswear brand.
He develops OG Krunch, the bag with 2 choco buds is attached to the label of the clothing and the promotion is a success!
The stunt becomes more and more serious and OG Krunch needs a production location.
The local baker likes his idea very much and makes his bakery available for some OG production.


In addition to the famous 2 bud Krunch packaging, the 50 and 100 grams bags of OG Krunch followed quickly and so a brand was developed.
First OG Krunch sellingpoints started in some local stores, but soon there was to make it easy for all OG Krunch lovers buying the eatable 'weed' buds!
Our creative OG Krunch team is always looking for new flavour combinations...


Sustainability and well being of cocoa farmers is important for our chocolate supplier. They have set up an organization for this, called 'Cocoa Horizons'
They are also members of the UTZ program.

Our Krunches are made without chemical colourings or flavours and therefore 100% naturally delicious!

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